feature254 CAIR-Chicago hosts Telling Our Story Media Seminar
Leena Saleh | Jul.23.08

CAIR-Chicago's Executive Director and Communications Coordinator Share Research and Lead Discussions on Media Relations With Fellow Chicago-Area Muslim Leaders.

feature253 Since When is Muslim a Smear? A Deeper Look at the New Yorker Obama Cartoon
Media Monitors Network | Jul.23.08

When it comes to Islam and Muslims, both ends of the political spectrum are too often equally comfortable with simplistic treatments that end up reducing Islam’s more than one billion followers to caricatures and stereotypes.

feature252 Muslim corrections officer forced out over beard, CAIR-Chicago suit claims
Sun-Times | Jul.21.08

Every lawsuit such as this one is really a test of our nation's cultural and religious understanding and tolerance. We pride ourselves on our respect for the religious traditions of others.

feature251 CAIR-Chicago Sponsors Blood Drive
Joseph Lindahl | Jul.21.08

The blood drive was a part of a program designed to encourage volunteerism in the American Muslim community.

feature250 CAIR-Chicago Welcomes 20 New Summer Interns
CAIR-Chicago | July.11.08

CAIR-Chicago’s internship program offers students and activists a great opportunity to learn and grow in a professional, friendly and diverse environment.

feature249 Discrimination Case Against Macy’s Moves Forward
Mohammad Sagha | Jul.08.08

CAIR-Chicago filed a complaint on behalf of two men who believe they may have been singled out because they were speaking Arabic.





    July 8, 2008 – July 22, 2008


    • A Muslim man was criminally charged after he was involved in an altercation over a traffic dispute. The Muslim man alleges that the other person made racially derogatory remarks at him. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the complaint and will address any issues of fairness that arise.


    • A man was terminated from his job as lead accountant, it is believed that it was due to racism. He claims that he had better credentials than other co-workers who were not let go. The man claims that he had overheard his boss making racist jokes before his release from the firm. CAIR-Chicago will investigate to determine how to proceed appropriately.

    • After a school teacher began wearing the hijab (headscarf) pursuant to her religious practice, she began receiving harassing comments from other teachers and administrators. She was eventually asked to not come back the following year due to “philosophical differences.” CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will advise the woman of her options.


    • Four more Muslims have reported delays in their citizenship process. Some of these individuals have passed the exam and met all the necessary requirements for obtaining citizenship. However, due to a new USCIS policy, some Muslims have had their interview dates cancelled, and are experiencing delays prior to their citizenship interview. The new policy requires security checks to be completed before being able to interview for citizenship. CAIR-Chicago is incorporating these cases into the Citizenship Delay Project.

    • Two more Muslims have reported delays in obtaining their green cards for permanent residency. CAIR-Chicago is aiding these individuals in determining the status of their case.

    • A Muslim man contacted CAIR-Chicago to help him obtain a visa to bring his children into the United States from abroad. CAIR-Chicago is putting the man in touch with an immigration attorney that can represent him.

    • Two Muslim women wearing the hijab (headscarf) went to the DMV for a replacement driver’s license. The women were both separately told by an attendant that they needed to remove their hijab in order to be photographed for their license. CAIR-Chicago is advising the women on how to best approach and resolve the issue.

    • A Muslim man contacted CAIR-Chicago regarding deportation proceedings he is facing. CAIR-Chicago is putting the man in touch with an immigration attorney that can represent him.

    • A Muslim man was leaving his local mosque when a sheriff’s department vehicle drove by him and someone from the vehicle yelled “terrorist” at him. The sheriff’s vehicle then followed the man in a belligerent manner until the man turned into his neighborhood. CAIR-Chicago has contacted the proper authorities regarding the matter.

    Public Accommodation:

    • A Middle Eastern woman was shopping with her two kids at a local store. After making a large purchase, she was approached by security guards and accused of shoplifting an approximately $2 item. The security guards also insisted to police that she be charged. CAIR-Chicago will represent the woman in the matter and will determine how to best address a discrimination claim.


    • A Muslim man detained in prison reported being denied religious accommodation for his dietary restrictions. The man had requested a pork-free diet and was denied. CAIR-Chicago is pursuing the proper channels to address the denial of the inmate’s religious practices.


    • A Muslim woman reported being treated less favorably by her condo association than other non-Muslim members. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever measures it deems appropriate to resolve the matter.


Election season is in, know your rights and obligations, visit our new voter education and moblization website today at www.cair2008election.com.

Imam Zaid Shakir at MYLS Summer 2008

CAIR-Chicago is once again excited to welcome our high school students to another seminar of MYLS to take place this Sunday 9-5 at the Mosque Foundation Youth Center with special guests Imam Zaid Shakir and Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Rummana Hussain.

Take advantage of this opportunity; check out the program itinerary here.

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Ahmed Rehab

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Christina Abraham

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Dina Rehab

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Sadiya Ahmed

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Azam Azeem

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Veronica Zapata

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Reem Rahman

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Gerald Hankerson

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Islaam Rahim

Board of Directors
Alif Muhammad
Shahwar Syed, MD
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